Friday, March 23, 2012

Empoyers List Updated

Alright updating the list of contacts for employment. Also adding worthy notes for myself and others.

Will be adding more at a later time and as they come along.


Pioneer Well Services
14195 Hwy 2 West
Williston, ND 58801
Office: (701) 774-2071
Fax: (701) 774-2075

*Goes to automated system. All in all says to go to their website and fill out application and fax it to them. (Go to "Contact Us" and employment. Scroll down till you find applications.)

Sun Well Services Inc
201 26th St E # 220, Williston, ND
(701) 774-3001 ‎ ·

*Contacted again, call back Monday. I left a message.

Stallion Oil Field
14070 49th Street Northwest, Williston, ND
(701) 774-3824 ‎ ·

* This company offers two options. One is to e-mail them directly a resume about a specific position and/or fill out a form and bring it with you when going to apply in person. I will be doing both. 

Precision Drilling
4930 Hwy 85 South
Williston, North Dakota, 58801
(877) 705 - 6277

*Fill out the application and than call them. Listen to the machine for the area you applied for. For ND it is 6 at this time.

*Called again and the very nice lady said there was no current entry levels open. I asked when the last new person was hired she responded last week and she also noted positions in the oil field open sporadically. I also asked would it be prudent to call every now and than she said very. Keep in mind.

Drilling Services International
5549B Highway 85, Williston, ND
(701) 774-8725 ‎ ·

*Said HR was on vacation, call back on a later date.  

Pitman Drilling Inc
3405 1st Avenue East, Williston, ND
(701) 572-3325 ‎ ·

*Contacted when they had two positions open. Took my number but gave caution. Pitman does not provide housing and she also was stressing the living circumstances. Come on van.


Nonworking / Unsure

5131 144 Ave NW
Williston, ND 58801
(701) 572-6704

*Unsure.  At this time they are only looking for truck drivers.

Dan's Drilling & Well Services
5332 134th Avenue Northwest, Williston, ND
(701) 572-2160

*Called and went to stock answering machine. Didn't leave message cause wasn't sure if it was DD&WS. Wouldn't a business have a proper answering machine message?

Finkbeiner Drilling Inc
902 West Broadway, Williston, ND
(701) 774-1191

 *Said phone number is no longer available.

Pitman Drilling Inc
3405 1st Avenue East, Williston, ND
(701) 572-3325 ‎ · 

*Not an actual rig working type place. Also website is out of date.

Unknown / Checking Out

Royal Service & Rentals, Inc.

*Not exactly oil rigging but it came up in ND jobs and seemed relevant. I e-mailed them I'll keep this updated.

SOS Staffing

*Temp agency. They had a position for oil so I send a resume at them. I'll keep this updated.

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