Thursday, March 29, 2012

Housing and Jobs

Housing in ND is a major issue especially around Willison and Minot as I am lead to believe from media.

Here are estimates of places to stay;

RV Parks – 1,000 – 1,250 Month
Hotels – 2,000+ Month
Homes – 4,000 + Month

Vacant housing is almost nonexistent. (2) (4)

Due to lack of rest stops and other reasons the state is being littered, especially with bottles with human waste. (3)

The employers in ND know why people come there and are even raising their pay... take this quote for example.

“The McDonald's in Williston is one of the busiest in the country, and they need to pay $15 an hour just to attract employees to work there. “ (5)

Think there is no more jobs because you hear so many people flocking to ND....

“North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate across the country with about 17,500 jobs still available, Anderson said. He said 60 percent of those openings are outside oil and gas counties.” (6)

I think quick quotes get the point across quicker.

“The first phase will provide up to 27,000 jobs in the oil industry and another 10,000 jobs in infrastructure, with 60,000 jobs at its peak, phasing into approximately 35,000 permanent jobs.” (8)

If you are like me and plan on going up there without laundry and hoping the local ones up there just a heads up, not many of them allow oil worker clothing due to the wear and tear on their machines. (7)









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