Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ball rolling.

Worked late today so I was unable to contact any places. Though I have looked around in the van market and found two that I would like to look into. Having said that I learned something valuable... talk to people about your plans. As for me it's a little difficult because I'm normally secretive (and my method is highly risky) but talking about it has lead me to a few things;

  • Old friends reminding me of a friend of his who works with cars; buy and selling. Maybe buy my car to be used for the van I am interested in.
  • Ideas! Cannot be stressed enough of what I learned today. Just random thoughts that may be valuable. 
  • Maybe if your lucky someone may have family or friends to assist you one way or another or in best case house you for a little while visiting North Dakota. 
Talking to my manger who was concerned about just going up there without a job was a good talk. My method of going up there without any local support or no returning to a job is very risky. I agree completely. Though it has reminded me of a quote I've avoided most of my life.

No risk, no reward. High risk, high reward.

Though his contention of not having a job should this fall through is very valid concern. My logic is this. If I were to go there for say a week with my own job I would have the reminder of a job at home lingering in my head reminding me I need to get back home before X. Also I will not leave a job without a two weeks notice or how they want you to leave on good terms. It is unethical of me to find a job there while on a "vacation" than call my other job up and say "hey I found a job I won't be coming back."

Though the biggest contention I have is that why would an employer hire me only for me to say hey I need a few weeks before I can work. If I were in their shoes I'd say something along the lines of, "we have plenty of other applicants and you want us to hold a position for you when we need it now?"

I will take my chances. I'm young so I have little to lost with enough credentials to pick up another job back in NJ should I need to... I don't want to.

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