Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First thoughts

I plan on going to North Dakota in hopes of getting a "roughneck" job. Damn hard work for damn good pay. I was interested in doing this by my gut but that is foolish. I googled around and came across this very nice gentlemen

Pitman Drilling Inc
3405 1st Avenue East, Williston, ND
(701) 572-3325 ‎ ·

Finkbeiner Drilling Inc
902 West Broadway, Williston, ND
(701) 774-1191 ‎

Dan's Drilling & Well Services
5332 134th Avenue Northwest, Williston, ND
(701) 572-2160 ‎

Pioneer Well Services
14195 Highway 2, Williston, ND
(701) 572-1020 ‎

Sun Well Services Inc
201 26th St E # 220, Williston, ND
(701) 774-3001 ‎ ·

Stallion Oil Field
14070 49th Street Northwest, Williston, ND
(701) 774-3824 ‎ ·

Drilling Services International
5549B Highway 85, Williston, ND
(701) 774-8725 ‎ · 

5131 144 Ave NW
Williston, ND 58801
(701) 572-6704

Precision Drilling
4930 Hwy 85 South
Williston, North Dakota

Late in the week I will compile the best way to visit each place. 

Note to self and others - Even if you submit online resume's bring your own! Also any papers you think may be useful you never know. In my case I'm bringing recognition letters, resume and a good shirt.

I will be calling the places I have applied to and those that do not have online to follow up my submissions and set up interviews if possible. Today I followed up on;

Pioneer Well Services
Sun Well Services
Stallion Oil Field

Brief exchanges but it did seem like I was being blown off. I'd expect that because they probably get a lot of hopefuls like myself but I will not fail so easily.  I am going to do everything I can.

I will be continuing to update this to keep my spirits up, corny but I will not fail.

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